Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Curvy girls, Panties, Pictures, and videos

I have always loved the way that sexy women looked in a pair of panties, and I have always especially liked curvy girls. I am not much for the skinny look on a woman although I have seen some that I still thought were quite sexy. I admit it. I love big round butts, and big voluptuous breasts. I like to be able to really feel a woman's softness when I make love with her! I am very bisexual if you weren't aware of that yet.

I love men though, and I always will. I like a strong man with some meat on his bones. I don't like the skinny boys much, at least not to actually have sex with...

Anyway, as soon as I decided to start selling my used panties online, I had to start taking pictures. Everyone, understandably wanted pictures of me in the panties that I was going to be wearing for the. I completely understand, because how else are you going to know that those dirty knickers that you are sniffing were actually worn by a woman? At first I was nervous about taking pictures, but my photographer (and lover) was very helpful and encouraging. I feel for the girls that are taking their pictures themselves with a self timer! It is so much more fun, and the pictures cum out so much better with a sexy photographer that loves curvy butts and breasts, and sexy panties as much as I do!

Now we have taken hundreds and hundreds of pictures, some of them in panties, and many of them out of panties. I started having customers making special requests for me to masturbate in the panties and to make some videos of me doing it. Once again, I was nervous at first, and then really started to have fun and enjoy it once we got started. I have now made many sexy panty videos, and that led us to make much naughtier x-rated videos as well. Now I offer a free video or pictures with every worn panty order I receive and I also have a growing number of fans, friends, and customers who have joined my Creamymilf Fan Club which gives them Unlimited Access to ALL of my videos and my most explicit pictures. I am uploading new pics and adding more videos all of the time. My Fanclub members get access to all of it, and can download any of it right to their computer.

I would love to have some followers on my blog, to encourage me to continue adding more pictures and true stories of a woman who gets turned on selling her dirty panties to sexy men all over the world!

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